2017 Statistical Data for Car Crashes in Michigan


Every year, authorities in Michigan release year end traffic car crash statistics reports in the hopes that the upcoming year would be better.

Two of the best sources for these data would be the Michigan State Police and the Michigan Traffic Crash Facts organization.

If you are a resident in any of the counties in Michigan, it would be in your best interest to keep updated of these facts. You’ll never know just when being alert and vigilant may help you avoid getting involved in a car crash in the future.

Highest Overall Statistics

Of the 83 counties in Michigan, Wayne County had the highest number of statistics caused by car crashes with a total of 54,920.

Statistics showed that 145 were fatal, 14,136 were injuries, and 42,612 were damage to property. Most of the crashes occurred in trafficway in local streets (31,605) followed by state routes (10,311). US routes recorded the least number of crashes in Wayne County (3,708) followed by the interstate (9,233).

Highest Fatality Rate

Although Wayne County had the highest number of traffic fatality, adjustment of the data for population size showed that the leading traffic-fatality rate can be credited for Luce County, which has the smallest population in Michigan.

Comparatively, this meant that there were 4.7 fatalities (3 individuals) for a population of 10,000 in Luce County compared to 0.9 fatalities (159 individuals) in Wayne County, which is considered as the most populated county in Michigan.

Top Five Counties

Among the list of counties that have also recorded a high rate of fatality due to traffic are:

Oakland County (68 individuals)

Kent County (65 individuals)

Macomb County (41 individuals)

Genesee County (38 individuals)

Washenaw County (37 individuals)

Age Range and Gender

The statistics also covered data based on age range and gender of the individuals involved.

The data showed that the highest fatality occurred between 25 and 34 years old among males (284 individuals) and females (156 individuals) with most of the car crashes resulting in driver fatality.

Individuals aged between 45 and 54 years of age are recorded to be next on the list with 222 fatalities for males and 107 fatalities for females.

Hazardous Action

Drivers failing to stop in time had the highest total of car crash record at 75,830. However, the highest number of fatalities (161 individuals) were recorded for car crashes where drivers drove too fast or went beyond the speed limit.

The second highest statistics for car crashes was when drivers failed to yield with a whopping record of 46,812. However, the second highest fatality due to car crashes was identified as an “unknown” hazardous action where a total of 139 individuals were recorded.

Other Factors

The available statistical data also covers other criteria such as:


Vehicle type

Restraint or Airbag Present

Crash Type

Driver Distraction

Further Break Down

Closer investigation of the obtained data showed that not all fatalities were drivers. The other fatalities included:

Bicycle Rider (21 individuals)

Teenagers (64 individuals)

Motorcycle Riders (137 individuals)

Pedestrians (158 individuals)

Commercial motor vehicle crashes (95 individuals)

Deer crashes (17 individuals)

Overall, authorities have reported that traffic fatalities in Michigan decreased by 3%. Unfortunately, the number of fatalities due to drunk-driving has significantly increased by 32% in 2017 compared to the data recorded in 2016.

If there is anything worth proving with these data, it is the fact that the roads in Michigan can be quite deadly whether you are a driver, a passenger, or simply a pedestrian.

As a driver, the best way for you to take part in making the roads safe, regardless of the state you are in, is to practice safe and responsible driving. Remember that you not only owe it to yourself to be safe but also to your fellow man


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