What to Do During A Parking Lot Car Accident


Did you know that one out of five vehicle accidents actually happen while you’re parked in a parking lot? Surprise? Don’t be! Studies have shown that drivers are more distracted when pulling out or driving into a parking lot.  The main cause of distraction is no surprise as well. Studies reveal that attention to cell phones instead of focusing on the drive is the leading cause of distraction. Drivers tend to focus more on their cell phone when they are within the vicinity of a parking lot thinking that they are safe to do so.  If you find yourself involved in a parking lot car accident, here’s what you can do.

What If There Is An Unknown Driver?

The last thing you want to see is your vehicle with damage that is clearly caused by another vehicle after a fulfilling shopping expedition. Unfortunately, since you are nowhere in the vicinity at the time it occurred, the other driver can simply drive away with no one the wiser.  Our law firm doesn’t have a whole lot of experience dealing with drivers are unknown so asked a good friend and personal injury attorney Matthew R. Clark from The Clark Law Office about this exact situation and he offered the following suggestions:

If you find yourself in such a situation, check with your vehicle insurance provider if you have coverage for collision damage. Although it is often recommended, it is best to check and see if it would be more economical for you to shoulder the cost for minor damage repairs. Check with the parking lot owner for any security footage. You just might be able to get evidence such as the license plate of the car who collided with your vehicle. As proof of the collision, request for a copy of the security footage as well.  Obviously, you should always contact a good local accident attorney who has experience dealing with these situations.  If you have any other car accident injury questions for Matthew, it’s best to contact him via their company facebook page.

The Case of a Known Driver

First on the agenda would be to check for any injury caused by the collision. If needed, call for an emergency responder so proper treatment can be immediately given to the injured person.  Exchange information such as contact numbers, names and addresses of everyone involved. Include witnesses, if any. Take note of the location, date, and time that the accident occurred including the make, model, and license plate number of the other vehicle.

Ask for information on the insurance company of the other driver as well as his or her insurance policy number.  Regardless of the extent of injury, or absence of one, you should report the parking lot accident to the local police. This will serve as your protection in case any symptoms of injuries are exhibited a few days after the accident


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