Tips on How to Avoid Parking Lot Car Accidents


Imagine this – you are in a rush to either get in or get out of a parking lot but in your rush to do so, you get involved in a parking lot car accident. Because of your “rush” situation, you try to get everything over and done with.  Nobody wants to get involved in car accidents since they take time out your busy schedule and can even result in injury…and nobody would want that as well. An ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure. Read on how you can avoid getting involved in a parking lot accident.

Drive Slowly

Experts agree that all drivers should slowly drive within a parking lot. This is also to your benefit if you are looking for a parking space since you can spot available parking spaces in-between the parked vehicles.

Be Alert of Your Surroundings

Turn off that radio and focus on your surroundings. Don’t lose focus and begin texting or calling on your cell phone. Keep in mind that pedestrians, particularly children, can suddenly dart out from in-between parked vehicles that may have hindered your vision.

Corners are a bit tricky since these are usually blind spots for any driver. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for possible oncoming vehicular traffic when passing through a corner. One good way to notify oncoming vehicles would be to quickly honk your horn for a few seconds.

Follow the Rules Of The Lot

Parking lots have signage and road symbols for a reason, to promote parking lot safety. As a responsible driver, you should strictly adhere to these rules.  Don’t drive against the flow if you see an arrow painted on the road. The use of turn signals is also required when making turns within the parking lot.

Leave Plenty of Space When Parking

Road line markings are provided for a reason, which is to allow enough space for drivers and passengers to enter and exit the vehicle without causing accidental or intentional damage to the other parked vehicle.  Park your vehicle in the correct allotted space while being mindful of the space in-between your vehicle and the others beside you. Don’t try to fit your vehicle into a parking space that leave almost no room for anyone to enter or exit their vehicle.

Visual Check Beforehand and Be Patient

Make it a habit to visually check that everything is all clear before proceeding to back out of a parking space. Don’t just rely on any of your mirrors to see that you are clear to back out.  Exercise caution when backing as well. It is highly recommended that you slowly drive out of a parking space to avoid any sudden collision with oncoming vehicles or, even, pedestrians.

If you are planning to park into the space that another vehicle is backing out from, be sure to leave enough space for the other driver to maneuver. Common courtesy always goes a long way.  On the other hand, if you still find yourself involved in a parking lot vehicle accident despite following the tips listed here, make sure that the incident has been reported to the proper authorities. Contact your insurance company to check for your coverage on parking lot vehicle accidents.

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What You Need to Know About Michigan’s No-Fault Accident System


In 1973, Michigan adopted a no-fault accident system to increase the compensation benefits for injured persons involved in auto accidents.


Michigan’s no-fault system aimed to make sure that financial compensations are promptly paid.

It also aimed to decrease payments towards administrative and legal costs.


Michigan’s no-fault system for auto accidents is unique in that it also encompasses vehicle damage.

Drivers in Michigan are required to purchase collision or comprehensive insurance (or both) that will cover their own vehicle damage.


Provides the victim with unlimited benefits for medical and rehabilitation expenses.

Provides the victim with benefits for wage loss up to a maximum of three years.

Provides the victim with up to $20 per day for replacement services.

No Sue Policy

A nosue policy was implemented after the no-fault policy was applied in Michigan.

The only time a victim or their family can sue the other party in auto accidents would be if the accident led to serious injury or death.


Every vehicle owner with a registered vehicle must have a basic vehicle insurance coverage to be issued a license plate.


Drivers found to be driving vehicles with no-fault coverage would find themselves facing misdemeanor charges.

Drivers can be fined up to $500, sentence to jail for up to a year, or both.

Additional costs and fines pursuant to the 2003 Michigan’s Driver Responsibility Law can also be implemented.

Suspension of driver’s license up to 30 days or until proof is presented that you have a no-fault coverage.

Vehicle registration renewal can be delayed until proof of no-fault coverage is presented.

Other Issues Post Accident

Drivers can be sued, and they may have to pay for attorney and court fees.

Injury from auto accidents that involve vehicles with no-fault coverage may mean that you do not get compensated for any type of expenses. This includes loss of wages, medical bills, loss of services, and/or any other benefits that are usually awarded under no-fault coverage.

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